The Fetish

Is there a particular idea you keep returning to in your fantasies – a magic button that takes you over the edge every time?

Fetishism is a fascination with objects, situations, body parts, and other stimuli that are considered to deviate slightly from the mainstream idea of ‘normal’ sexual behaviours. I, for one, refuse to bind myself to limited notions of acceptable sexuality, and invite you to join me in indulging our fetishes together (I have plenty!)

Fetishism can take many forms. There are classic fetishes – such as feet, leather and watersports – and the more unusual ones. I’m thrilled to explore a huge range with my clients. Fetishes are sometimes enjoyed in tandem with power exchange, and sometimes just indulged on their own. Either way, I have a lot of experience, and I endeavour to create a safe environment where you feel able to share what you like.

Perhaps you’re interested in another fantasy?

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