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An Ode To Bottom Worship

I love stubble. The texture of it against my skin, the gentle scratching and nuzzling. Particularly when that stubbly face is rubbing snugly up into my most intimate places – the back of my neck and shoulders, across my tummy, and up my thighs as I lie face down on the bed, right into the crease at the top of my legs that leads up to my bottom.

Have I mentioned before how much I love bottom worship? Call it what you like: bottom, bum, (ass, for my American boys) – all the same to me as long as your face is buried right in it. Intimate body worship is one of my favourite things – partly for the stubble, I won’t lie. It’s a gorgeous sensation: gentle roughness that adds to the naughtiness and taboo of having someone’s face pressed deep into me.


Bottom Worship

I like to lie on my stomach, back arched slightly to present my bottom in just the right position – pretty as a picture, and all ready for you to push your nose and mouth into. I have a pretty sizeable derriere,  round and smooth and just right for worshipping, smothering, snuggling and nuzzling. I’m often told that it’s perfectly peachy and luscious, and I adore lying on the bed with it presented beautifully for someone. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a guy who wants to bury his face in it, feeling my warm cheeks press against his face, inhaling deeply to get that gorgeous musky aroma. Dropping deep into a really submissive headspace and letting go of every thought in his mind that’s not solely focussed my body.

When I’m in a submissive mood (and when I am, my bottom is invariably being punished), I love indulging in aftercare that focuses purely on my round bottom – you inspecting it closely, gently parting my cheeks and running their hands all over it. Squeezing and rubbing and kissing me all better after a spanking.

When I’m being dominant, I love to use my bottom to smother the face of my play partner: pressing down onto him and intoxicating him with the scent and the sensation and the sexiness. Sometimes teasing with the crease just out of reach, stirring the idea that if he’s a good boy he’ll be rewarded with the taste of my warm skin. Sometimes going all-out as if I’m trying to suffocate him, overwhelming him with the decadent joy of having my hot thighs wrapped right around his face, until he’s red-faced and gasping for air.

Bottom Worship

Domestic Bliss [video]

I am very excited to be presenting this video – a collaboration between Mistress Elita and I. When I told her I had been imagining this domestic servitude scene for many years, she agreed we should play it out in private. When that went extremely well, we decided to make it into a short film. I hope you enjoy it.


A long held fantasy of mine is to be kept as a housegirl in a wealthy home – called upon by the formidable Mistress of the house to wait on her hand and foot. 

In my fantasies she is beautiful and imposing; at most times calm and collected, but at other times flying into a cold anger. I take the greatest of care to please her, sliding her beautiful legs into stockings, deliberating over every suspender fastening. Being near to her gorgeous body is hypnotic, and I have to focus all my energies into my fumbling fingers to avoid clumsy mistakes. I want so badly to be a good girl.

Nevertheless, I do something to displease her. In a flash, she switches from warm and loving to furious. I’m bent across the bed, feeling her leather belt smacking hard across my bare cheeks. This is what happens to bad girls. My punishment goes on for some time.

Afterwards, when she is satisfied i’ve been disciplined, she consoles me by playing with my hair and whispering to me. She takes me to the bathroom and runs me a hot bath. When washing my body, she gently massages my sore bottom with soap before inviting me to run tiny kisses down her magnificent body. This is my reward for being a good girl. 


Domestic Bliss from Duke on Vimeo.

Dirty Talk 101

Elita & I, whispering something filthy to each other, no doubt.

Today I want to talk in a bit more depth about language, so pull up a chair, lean closer, and let me whisper in your ear…

Dirty talk is often the thread that ties a truly excellent session together. Whispered commands, requests, even begging. Communication isn’t always verbal, but verbal communication can make the difference between getting something you enjoy and something that’s exactly what you want: a fantasy brought to rich and vivid life, with all the dialogue tailored to your taste.

The words people use during dirty talk matter so much, but it’s not often that we think of it. Usually it occurs to us in the negative – if someone uses a particular word that’s a turn off. It’s a bit like the ‘dogs versus cats’ debate – there are some sex words that you either love or hate. Pussy versus cunt – which do you go for? I tend to find that those who like ‘pussy’ will cringe at ‘cunt’ and vice versa. If you like both then congratulations – you’re quite rare! Likewise if you like the word ‘tits’ then you’ll probably be less keen on ‘boobs’ or ‘breasts’ – and vice versa. There are rarely words that are totally universal, although perhaps the closest of these is ‘fuck’ – if I’m telling someone that I’m going to fuck them so thoroughly they’ll be weeping when they come, I’ve rarely been asked to refrain from the f-word in favour of something more coy.

Do you have a preference? I’d love you to tell me. You don’t have to give me the full script – I like to be creative. But hearing the words that turn you on is a nice sparking off point for my imagination. What would you like to call me? What would you like me to call you? That solid, throbbing ache between your legs: is it a cock or a dick? Are you a filthy boy? A slut? A pathetic little bitch?

Those last ones were a bit of a test, I’m cheeky like that. See, strong abuse is a bit of a loaded one when it comes to dirty talk. It may be the hottest thing in the world for you, and your sexual kick words (you know, the ones that kick you up a notch in the scale of horniness) may be ones that you’d never use in polite conversation. Such is the way of the world: often sex is one of the best ways to explore taboos that we’d never dream of breaking outside in the real world. It’s OK – we get to play with these things behind closed doors. But you have to let me know, as I have to let you know. See, words are as powerful (and sometimes even more so) than the things we do in bed. They have the power to bring someone down hard as well as boost them up. Some of the people I’ve played with have had very specific tastes – they want to either call or be called things like ‘slut’, ‘bitch’, – you get the picture. All you need to do is tell me.

Once we’ve got the words, and I know what you like to say and hear, then we can start using them in earnest (or anger, or whichever way best sets the tone). Personally I love a really sound telling-off: either giving one or receiving one. It’s the perfect way to enhance a power-play scene. In school, for instance, the punishment is going to sting so much more if the teacher has already dished out a tongue-lashing. Likewise in the office, squirming as you grip one edge of the boss’s desk, waiting for them to do their worst to your exposed bottom, hearing exactly the words that you long to hear in between strokes.

Perhaps one word per stroke:

Mmm. Happy sigh.

So whether it’s a few key words or phrases that specifically turn you on, or a tirade of filth that you want poured into your ear (or to pour into mine, come to that), let’s talk dirty.

Let’s connect on the verbal level as well as the purely physical one, and swap stories on what makes each of us go ‘mmm.’

Spanking the Mistress – Guest Post

One of my regular visitors wrote this lovely post over at Kink of The Week about spanking me, which I thought my readers would enjoy.

We were well into our session and the beautiful and very skilled Mistress Alex had been great. She seemed to have an intuitive understanding of how I was feeling, moving from soft to hard, pleasure to pain, mild to extreme in response to where I was. She had tested me, pushed me and made me want to please her. She had been both sensual and vicious, rewarding and demanding, friendly and frightening and I was loving all of it.

“Now”, she said, “You are going to spank me. But you will follow my instructions exactly or I shall punish you”. She already had my cock and balls tied tight, something that is always guaranteed to make me feel submissive and owned. She picked up a set of vicious looking nipple clips connected by a weighty chain and applied them one at a time. Sharp jags of pain ran through me and I found myself breathing fast as I tried to overcome the sensation. “Calm your breathing!”, she instructed, “or we shan’t go on”. She attached a dog lead to the chain joining the nipples and gave an experimental tug. Ouch! My sharp intake of breath seemed to satisfy her.

In no time I was sat on the bed with Alex’s beautiful rear over me knee, admiring her incredible tattooed legs.

“Begin”, she commanded. I started. I was tentative at first, light smacks on each side, enjoying the way her silk underwear emphasized the curves of her perfect bottom. The combination of her weight on my tightly bound cock and the swing of the heavy chain on my nipples as my hand moved up and down were creating some real difficulty.

I felt a knife of pain through my nipples as she jerked hard on the lead attached to the clamps. “Harder!. This is supposed to be a spanking, not a massage!”. So I hit her harder. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, her smooth skin turning red under my hand. Losing concentration as my own pain increased, I landed a blow on the top of round bottom, with the reward of another sharp agonising tug on my nipples. Trying to concentrate on inflicting her pain while suffering my own was challenging but incredibly erotic. This was a different experience for me, pain as a shared, mutual experience. There was never any doubt about who was in charge yet, as her bottom rose again and again to meet my hand, I felt my own power in the situation. After maybe 30 or 40 slaps, she dropped the lead and let her hand slip down between her legs, rubbing fast as I spanked her hard, bringing herself to a powerful gasping orgasm over my knee. I stopped the spanking, allowing one hand to rest on her back, the other stroking her bottom softly for a few moments. Briefly, and rather wonderfully, I felt that she was mine rather than the other way round.

In fact, very briefly. Almost immediately normal service had been resumed and I was over the bed, Alex delivering a lengthy full force belting, breathing hard from the effort. She was hitting me so hard it felt like she had an almost visceral need to re-establish her dominance and control. It hurt like hell but I had spanked the Mistress, and not every submissive can say that.

Loving domination – What kind of a ‘good boy’ are you?

How does the phrase ‘good boy’ make you feel? Have a think about the specific context – is it being said with sarcasm and spite, spat at you as a token acknowledgement of some pitiful task you’ve finally managed to perform for me? Or is it said with love – my shining eyes looking warmly at you, perhaps a hand stroking your face, as I sigh the words in delight that you’ve pleased me so beautifully?

I’ve talked before about the different kinds of submission – whether you’re the sort of sub who likes to obey immediately or struggle until I conquer you. But there are styles of dominance too, from loving dominance to something a lot more vicious. Which do you prefer?

The way the media portrays femdom is usually this latter type: big shiny latex boots and torture. Of course that has its place, and it’s incredibly fun (having a pliant sub polishing the latex on my latest outfit is, naturally, one of life’s great joys!), but I love exploring the gentler, loving kind of dominance too. The kind that purrs ‘good boy’ in a voice that melts butter as well as your heart, and is more lavish with praise than commands.

It’s worth thinking about because, as with knowing more about your style of submission, understanding the kind of dominance you respond best to helps me work out what makes you tick. I want to know, when I meet up with you, how best to build on our chemistry. Should I be merciful, or vengeful? Calm and loving, or vicious? Should I keep you guessing, constantly walking on eggshells around me so you’re never sure whether to expect my pleasure or my wrath? The more I understand about your kinks, the more fun our play will be.

Recently someone (you know who you are – thank you!) sent me a few examples of the kind of dominance he likes, via some gorgeous audio porn. It includes some beautiful little details. Along with the whispered ‘good boy’, in a voice like silk, there are those delightful commands-that-are-also-requests: “help me get the strap-on,” twinned with conspiratorial giggles. Some time soon we’ll talk about pegging, and why it doesn’t have to be a ‘punishment’, and in this kind of loving domination the pegging is a special treat. Something which, if you can shush while I lube up and slide it into you, will be a special reward for you being so good. There’s a possessiveness about it too which implies closeness – the idea that I’m not tying you up because you need to be controlled, but because I want to make you completely mine.

It’s not quite a sliding scale, because the loving domination can be combined with cruelty as well: perhaps you like being tortured aggressively, submitting to all kind of humiliating abuse as I simply laugh coldly at your torment… and it’s only once you’re spent and trembling that you need to curl up in my lap and have me stroke you softly and tell you to sssh. That it’ll all be alright and you did well.

That you’re a very very good boy.

The Belt: From Top to Bottom

Imagine you’re on a panel tasked with deciding on the sexiest way to get beaten – hand? Tawse? Cane? I know – a dream surely all of us have had at some point. In front of you, a naked subject bends over, and is given a few hard strokes with a selection of different implements: from the bare hand to the stinging cane. And it’s your job to pick which is the best.

What runs through your mind? The sound? Maybe the mark it leaves on naked skin? Perhaps the strength with which you can wield it to get exactly the right level of hot, aching pain.

That last factor is fairly high on my own list, and that’s why the belt is my absolute favourite. That’s not to disparage other implements, of course – hands, tawses, canes and floggers all have their place in my heart. But there’s something particularly special about the belt.

Firstly the sound and sensation of the belt sliding out through the loops: it’s so much more impulsive than other implements, don’t you agree? If you’ve disobeyed me and you deserve a beating, it’s far more convenient for me to correct you in the moment: to order you to drop your pants and bend over whichever item of furniture is closest to hand, whip my belt out through the loops and take out my anger on your poor naked bottom. If you enjoy the kind of harsh, thick whacks that come from a leather belt, then the fact that it can be used with real force and power is definitely a plus point. A beating can be delivered much more powerfully with a belt, as the top draws their arm right back over their shoulder and really goes for it.

As with any implement, it takes time to perfect this skill – the fact that it’s a fun skill to practise is, naturally, an added bonus. Some men come to me with an idea of what they’d like to try, but a certain nervousness about the right way to do it. Totally understandable, and I think it’s the sign of a good lover: after all, it gives me the chance to show you how best to make me shiver with delight when it’s my bottom that you’re going to be lashing. If this is you, and you’d like some instruction in how to get used to it – to find out just how powerful you can feel when you draw your arm back and aim for that delicious, naked, willing bottom then well… what can I say? I’m more than happy to help you in your discovery. It can take some getting used to, as you learn how to deliver the stroke in just the right place, on the fleshiest part of the bottom, leaving bright red stripes with each lash. I’ll share my technique with you so you get to feel the same kind of power that I do – the same rush that comes with total mastery of something so hot.

But if you’d rather just bend over, grit your teeth, and wait for the strokes to fall on your own bum? That can be arranged as well. I assure you that when we’re done, if you don’t agree with me that the belt is the best spanking implement, you’ll at least have it placed pretty firmly in your top three…

And speaking of getting a good belting…See below for a preview of my new video with Mistress Elita – coming to my site soon!