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An Ode To Bottom Worship

I love stubble. The texture of it against my skin, the gentle scratching and nuzzling. Particularly when that stubbly face is rubbing snugly up into my most intimate places – the back of my neck and shoulders, across my tummy, and up my thighs as I lie face down on the bed, right into the crease at the top of my legs that leads up to my bottom.

Have I mentioned before how much I love bottom worship? Call it what you like: bottom, bum, (ass, for my American boys) – all the same to me as long as your face is buried right in it. Intimate body worship is one of my favourite things – partly for the stubble, I won’t lie. It’s a gorgeous sensation: gentle roughness that adds to the naughtiness and taboo of having someone’s face pressed deep into me.


Bottom Worship

I like to lie on my stomach, back arched slightly to present my bottom in just the right position – pretty as a picture, and all ready for you to push your nose and mouth into. I have a pretty sizeable derriere,  round and smooth and just right for worshipping, smothering, snuggling and nuzzling. I’m often told that it’s perfectly peachy and luscious, and I adore lying on the bed with it presented beautifully for someone. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a guy who wants to bury his face in it, feeling my warm cheeks press against his face, inhaling deeply to get that gorgeous musky aroma. Dropping deep into a really submissive headspace and letting go of every thought in his mind that’s not solely focussed my body.

When I’m in a submissive mood (and when I am, my bottom is invariably being punished), I love indulging in aftercare that focuses purely on my round bottom – you inspecting it closely, gently parting my cheeks and running their hands all over it. Squeezing and rubbing and kissing me all better after a spanking.

When I’m being dominant, I love to use my bottom to smother the face of my play partner: pressing down onto him and intoxicating him with the scent and the sensation and the sexiness. Sometimes teasing with the crease just out of reach, stirring the idea that if he’s a good boy he’ll be rewarded with the taste of my warm skin. Sometimes going all-out as if I’m trying to suffocate him, overwhelming him with the decadent joy of having my hot thighs wrapped right around his face, until he’s red-faced and gasping for air.

Bottom Worship

Submit or Struggle? The Submissive Dilemma

“Of course I’ll obey you, Mistress” he says to me, with his eyes cast down towards the floor and his hands clasped neatly behind his back. Wearing a collar to show his submission and with his knees spread open wide. “I’ll do anything you say.” And he is so compliant – so obedient, that I know he’s telling the truth. He will obey every single order without question.

That ‘of course’, though? That’s the one mistake he’s made – and I wouldn’t tell him because I wouldn’t want to spoil our fun. I’ll tell you now, though, because it’s an exciting prospect to consider: should all subs obey, or do you enjoy a bit of a struggle?

See, while some people are submissive in this obedient way, others prefer defiance: the dramatic back-and-forward that comes with a submissive that needs to be trained and tamed. Some submissives don’t want to fall at my feet, immediately under a spell – over the course of a long session, they want me to gradually wear them down.

It’s interesting to explore this dynamic because most people have a natural inclination towards one or other of these extremes. As with almost everything sexual, we all fall somewhere on a spectrum: it’s not as simple as being an obedient sub or a bratty sub. Some people like to obey but with a tiny hint of cheekiness. A wry smile as they murmur “yes Mistress,” their mouth forming the words but their eyes flashing defiance. Perhaps that’s what will earn them their punishment. For those people, it’s often the case that the punishment is what they’re really angling for: they want a beating, but the beating won’t be fun unless they’ve done things to really deserve it.

Others might enjoy a beating for pleasure, but would be genuinely heartbroken to receive one as punishment. To the gent I introduced you to at the beginning, a punishment spanking would represent his personal failure as a submissive. If he’s completed the tasks I’ve set for him – perhaps some bottom worship, snuffling contentedly away at me while I relax on the bed – then a reward of a warm red bum might be exactly what he’s looking for. But a warm red bum because I’m displeased with him? Oh, his worst nightmare.

“I’m so sorry Mistress,” he might offer, with genuine misery in his eyes, and humiliation curling his toes and giving him a deep red, shameful blush. “I’ll do better next time.”

See it’s easy to put yourself in one box or another – Dom, Sub, Switch – and assume everyone sees it through the same lens that you do. But if that were the case then we’d never have any fun – we’d all be desperately predictable. The fact that each type of submission is unique means that from the moment you get in touch to the very first time you kneel in front of me, our experience together will be utterly individual. Likewise if you prefer to be the top – I like to know whether to meet your first ever order with unquestioning obedience, or the flash of disrespect that will give you an excuse to punish me.

It’s one of the things I find most enjoyable: finding out what your particular kinks and quirks are. So if you’re thinking of playing with me, tell me more than just your tendency towards ‘Dom’ or ‘Sub’ – give me the detail that helps me anticipate what our session will be like. Have a think about the one question below. Don’t be nervous – it’s not a trick question. There is no one type of submissive that will please me more than another, no one type of dominance that is the ‘correct’ way to do things. In fact, the very existence of this spectrum of dominance and submission is what makes the whole thing so enjoyable. So to keep things fun, I’m setting you some fun homework – close your eyes, imagine your perfect D/s scene, and then answer the following question:

Should orders always be obeyed, or do you think obedience should be earned through resistance?

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