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Domestic Bliss [video]

I am very excited to be presenting this video – a collaboration between Mistress Elita and I. When I told her I had been imagining this domestic servitude scene for many years, she agreed we should play it out in private. When that went extremely well, we decided to make it into a short film. I hope you enjoy it.


A long held fantasy of mine is to be kept as a housegirl in a wealthy home – called upon by the formidable Mistress of the house to wait on her hand and foot. 

In my fantasies she is beautiful and imposing; at most times calm and collected, but at other times flying into a cold anger. I take the greatest of care to please her, sliding her beautiful legs into stockings, deliberating over every suspender fastening. Being near to her gorgeous body is hypnotic, and I have to focus all my energies into my fumbling fingers to avoid clumsy mistakes. I want so badly to be a good girl.

Nevertheless, I do something to displease her. In a flash, she switches from warm and loving to furious. I’m bent across the bed, feeling her leather belt smacking hard across my bare cheeks. This is what happens to bad girls. My punishment goes on for some time.

Afterwards, when she is satisfied i’ve been disciplined, she consoles me by playing with my hair and whispering to me. She takes me to the bathroom and runs me a hot bath. When washing my body, she gently massages my sore bottom with soap before inviting me to run tiny kisses down her magnificent body. This is my reward for being a good girl. 


Domestic Bliss from Duke on Vimeo.

The Belt: From Top to Bottom

Imagine you’re on a panel tasked with deciding on the sexiest way to get beaten – hand? Tawse? Cane? I know – a dream surely all of us have had at some point. In front of you, a naked subject bends over, and is given a few hard strokes with a selection of different implements: from the bare hand to the stinging cane. And it’s your job to pick which is the best.

What runs through your mind? The sound? Maybe the mark it leaves on naked skin? Perhaps the strength with which you can wield it to get exactly the right level of hot, aching pain.

That last factor is fairly high on my own list, and that’s why the belt is my absolute favourite. That’s not to disparage other implements, of course – hands, tawses, canes and floggers all have their place in my heart. But there’s something particularly special about the belt.

Firstly the sound and sensation of the belt sliding out through the loops: it’s so much more impulsive than other implements, don’t you agree? If you’ve disobeyed me and you deserve a beating, it’s far more convenient for me to correct you in the moment: to order you to drop your pants and bend over whichever item of furniture is closest to hand, whip my belt out through the loops and take out my anger on your poor naked bottom. If you enjoy the kind of harsh, thick whacks that come from a leather belt, then the fact that it can be used with real force and power is definitely a plus point. A beating can be delivered much more powerfully with a belt, as the top draws their arm right back over their shoulder and really goes for it.

As with any implement, it takes time to perfect this skill – the fact that it’s a fun skill to practise is, naturally, an added bonus. Some men come to me with an idea of what they’d like to try, but a certain nervousness about the right way to do it. Totally understandable, and I think it’s the sign of a good lover: after all, it gives me the chance to show you how best to make me shiver with delight when it’s my bottom that you’re going to be lashing. If this is you, and you’d like some instruction in how to get used to it – to find out just how powerful you can feel when you draw your arm back and aim for that delicious, naked, willing bottom then well… what can I say? I’m more than happy to help you in your discovery. It can take some getting used to, as you learn how to deliver the stroke in just the right place, on the fleshiest part of the bottom, leaving bright red stripes with each lash. I’ll share my technique with you so you get to feel the same kind of power that I do – the same rush that comes with total mastery of something so hot.

But if you’d rather just bend over, grit your teeth, and wait for the strokes to fall on your own bum? That can be arranged as well. I assure you that when we’re done, if you don’t agree with me that the belt is the best spanking implement, you’ll at least have it placed pretty firmly in your top three…

And speaking of getting a good belting…See below for a preview of my new video with Mistress Elita – coming to my site soon!