Here you can find a selection of some of the lovely feedback clients have left me in the last couple of years. Though I no longer actively seek out reviews, I have received a significant amount in the last 5 years, (100% positive rating) all of which are available to peruse online in the usual places. You may also message me for direct links if you wish to read them all.

If you’re an existing client, and wish to review me, drop me an email to let me know!



You can see from her website that Alex is a stunningly beautiful woman, but what you won’t discover until you meet her in the flesh is how warm friendly and intelligent she is, and until you are kneeling before her, how amazing she is at playing out your fantasies. I’m not a particular fan of tattoos, but Alex’s body art really is beautiful.

During our email correspondence, I told Alex that I would like a fantasy session with me submitting, lots of body worship and a bit of bondage and spanking.

When you make a firm booking with Alex, she sends you a link to a really helpful hidden etiquette page on her excellent website. In this, she points out that one of her rules is that she will not fake an orgasm. Now I did find this a bit alarming, as my principal fantasy is to be a willing submissive and a key desire is to please my Mistress. I felt that failing to help her reach a climax would be a big disappointment. However, I need not have worried, because Alex is a really sensual lady with a seemingly boundless sexual appetite. From the moment she opened the door to me and I gazed into her limpid eyes, I knew that she would guide me perfectly, and as long as you follow her huskily breathed instructions, even a fumbling bumpkin such as myself should manage to push the right buttons and make her smile.

I’m not really into dominating, but part way through the session we switched and I had the pleasure of putting Alex across my knee and spanking her adorable bottom. After she was nicely warmed up, Alex insisted that I upped the anti and used a flogger. The image of her mounting sexual excitement as she gripped the bed rail and I laid into her wonderfully wobbling derriere is going to take a long time for me to forget. If Alex was copying Meg Ryan’s restaurant scene from “When Harry Met Sally”, then she’s the world’s best actress!

Alex is simply wonderful, please treat her with respect because S/M fantasy doesn’t get any better than this.

November 2016


I can always tell when a session is something very special because I find myself seeking a quite place to have time to contemplate all that occurred and relish its erotic intimacy. After leaving you I rode home to a noisy dinner party with lovely people but my mind kept coming back to images of you, poised above me, the acme of sensual dominance.
I am still amazed by how much you got absolutely right during our first session. I only gave you a hazy outline yet you filled in the fine detail with astonishing accuracy. The level of spanking was just right with the thrill of my bottom’s glowing redness making itself felt as I sat on the motorbike on the way home. The watersports were truly inspirational and the feeling of being constantly immersed and its warmth reaching so many parts of my body not used to its soothing application will stay in my memory as a BDSM highlight for many moons to come. I was grateful for being permitted to assist in your passionate orgasms and again, it was a first for me to lie with my head on your thigh as the wicked aroma of your climax unveiled itself so close to me.

Above all was your aura of sensual authority that can only come from a genuine love of the scene and  if I close my eyes now I can see your physical perfection, charm and dominance controlling me with such consummate and enjoyable ease.

Private Correspondence, July 2016. 

Upon entering and meeting her any apprehension I may have had evaporated, here was a women who was as intelligent and she is attractive and did her utmost to ensure that the session went as smoothly as possible.

We chatted to review what had been discussed previously over the phone and email, I was shown to the bathroom and after that the session started in earnest. Suffice to say that there a couple of memories I’ve taken away from this session that will stay with me for quite some time.

In summary Alex is an intelligent, sophisticated bad-ass babe who is unreservedly & unashamedly kinky – she really is the devil in disguise and I look forward to lifting that disguise in our future sessions.

May 2016


I’ve seen Alex by herself before, and had a truly amazing time. Since I’m only down in London from Scotland occasionally, I wanted to do something even more special this time, namely a duo with Alex and her friend Louisa. I’d been following their friendship on social media – they chat on Twitter a lot and i’ve enjoyed looking at their updates. They’re both gorgeous too…pretty, slim and well-toned, with the most luscious pair of bottoms you ever saw. Lovely pictures, even lovelier in real life.

There was some great person & sexual chemistry between the two of them too, nothing like the put-on duo performances you sometimes see. I’ve seen a fair number of agency girls, and they can sometimes be a bit “dime a dozen”, but these two are a lot more real.

I got a room at the M******* hotel, mainly because they had a room with a free standing bath, and I remember that Alex likes to joke that baths make her feel slutty! We met in the tea room, but I didn’t wait for very long before inviting them up to the room. There is a bit of a D/s dynamic between the two of them, with Alex normally taking the lead. I’m not a very good Mr Grey but I do enjoy the ‘damsel in distress’ vibe. Alex rather tenderly helped me tie Louisa up with ropes, japanese style, which then segued into a sexy photo shoot. We then remembered about the bath which Alex enjoyed for a bit while I was fucking Louisa. But then Alex couldn’t resist for long and came to join us! I ended up coming on Louisa’s gorgeous tits, with Alex gently encouraging me on. The combination of Alex’s dangerously dirty talk in my ear and Louisa’s innocent little-girl-lost face staring up at me was seriously hot and will probably fuel a thousand fantasies for the future.

Altogether, an amazing experience, couldn’t recommend them more. They mentioned they’re going to be in Edinburgh together at the end of February, which isn’t too far from me, so I’m investigating the possibility of a repeat closer to home.

Feb 2016


We were well into our session and the beautiful and very skilled Mistress Alex had been great. She seemed to have an intuitive understanding of how I was feeling, moving from soft to hard, pleasure to pain, mild to extreme in response to where I was. She had tested me, pushed me and made me want to please her. She had been both sensual and vicious, rewarding and demanding, friendly and frightening and I was loving all of it.

“Now”, she said, “You are going to spank me. But you will follow my instructions exactly or I shall punish you”. She already had my cock and balls tied tight, something that is always guaranteed to make me feel submissive and owned. She picked up a set of vicious looking nipple clips connected by a weighty chain and applied them one at a time. Sharp jags of pain ran through me and I found myself breathing fast as I tried to overcome the sensation. “Calm your breathing!”, she instructed, “or we shan’t go on”. She attached a dog lead to the chain joining the nipples and gave an experimental tug. Ouch! My sharp intake of breath seemed to satisfy her.

In no time I was sat on the bed with Alex’s beautiful rear over me knee, admiring her incredible tattooed legs.

“Begin”, she commanded. I started. I was tentative at first, light smacks on each side, enjoying the way her silk underwear emphasized the curves of her perfect bottom. The combination of her weight on my tightly bound cock and the swing of the heavy chain on my nipples as my hand moved up and down were creating some real difficulty.

I felt a knife of pain through my nipples as she jerked hard on the lead attached to the clamps. “Harder!. This is supposed to be a spanking, not a massage!”. So I hit her harder. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, her smooth skin turning red under my hand. Losing concentration as my own pain increased, I landed a blow on the top of round bottom, with the reward of another sharp agonising tug on my nipples. Trying to concentrate on inflicting her pain while suffering my own was challenging but incredibly erotic. This was a different experience for me, pain as a shared, mutual experience. There was never any doubt about who was in charge yet, as her bottom rose again and again to meet my hand, I felt my own power in the situation. After maybe 30 or 40 slaps, she dropped the lead and let her hand slip down between her legs, rubbing fast as I spanked her hard, bringing herself to a powerful gasping orgasm over my knee. I stopped the spanking, allowing one hand to rest on her back, the other stroking her bottom softly for a few moments. Briefly, and rather wonderfully, I felt that she was mine rather than the other way round.

In fact, very briefly. Almost immediately normal service had been resumed and I was over the bed, Alex delivering a lengthy full force belting, breathing hard from the effort. She was hitting me so hard it felt like she had an almost visceral need to re-establish her dominance and control. It hurt like hell but I had spanked the Mistress, and not every submissive can say that.

Jan 2016

Mistress Alex is absolutely stunning. The photographs on her website simply do not do her justice: she is even more gorgeous in real life. Alex has a beautiful face, wonderful long hair that cascades down, and the sexiest body I have ever seen. To describe Mistress Alex as a Dominant Goddess would be an understatement: she is the most beautiful and sexy Domme I have ever met. Amazing!

I had asked Mistress Alex to wear a particular outfit. She kindly obliged, and looked incredible. The vision of her during our session will stay with me forever. Mistress Alex made me a very happy sissy indeed!

I visited Mistress Alex for a sissy role-playing session. I decided to contact her following a handful of sessions with other Mistresses that didn’t really work out. I thought that Mistress Alex, as a switch, might have a better understanding of a scenario from a submissive’s perspective. I was not disappointed.

I have visited over 30 Mistresses for sissy/forced feminisation sessions over the years. They have included Mistresses who advertise that they “specialise” in playing with sissies. I can honestly say that my session with Mistress Alex was the best sissy session I have ever experienced: by a country mile. Mistress Alex was so understanding of my desires, and such a fabulous role-player, that for the first time ever my sissy fantasy actually came true. It was an exceptionally good session, and I am so glad to have finally found the Mistress of my dreams. My search is finally over.

After a quick chat in Mistress Alex’s premises, during which it was obvious that Mistress Alex had read and understood my suggestions for the session in a way that no other Mistress had previously been able, I was dispatched to a local bar. A few moments later, Mistress Alex approached me in the bar and subjected me to a deliciously humiliating role-play where she revealed that she knew I was a sissy and teased me in public before luring me back to her premises.

Once inside her premises, Mistress Alex treated me to an incredible sissy training session. She dressed me in pretty lingerie and lipstick before humiliating me in an amazing manner. Mistress Alex seemed to know exactly what to say and do at every stage: she seemed to understand my fantasy better than I did myself! My fantasy really did come to life…….and I discovered that Mistress Alex has an extraordinary talent for pegging!

Mistress Alex is amazing. If you are a sissy, you should book a session with her immediately. You will not be disappointed!

Dec 2015

In a word– gorgeous. Lovely and lithe. Long beautiful hair. Great body. As others have said, the pictures don’t do her justice. Dressed beautifully.

Initial contact was through Alex’s site. She responded in good time and before long we had set a date and time that was mutually convenient. In the intervening period I sent Alex an email with some ideas, desires and limits for our session. It was apparent she had read it quite closely and completely during our initial chat. I was very nervous in the beginning but Alex put me at ease quickly. I had chosen to play with Alex because she is a switch as am I, but I had no desire to be anything but submissive during our time together. I have to say I never once got a glimpse of anything but her very controlled, confident and dominant side.

The session was a mix of things I had some experience with as well as some new things. All limits respected and several boundaries pushed.

Overall a mind blowing experience that had me floating through the rest of the day.

Oct 2015


Alex is a very lady in her twenties with light brown or dark blond hair and blue eyes. She stands about 5’8″, I think, with a terrific figure.

I visited Alex in her ‘mistress’ guise to be spanked in front of a female, vanilla audience.

Alex went to great lengths to discuss my interests by email prior to our session, as well as having a further chat in person in the bedroom when I arrived. She was to be the head girl, me the naughty 16 year old schoolboy in school shorts and knee length socks in need of punishment. Dressed in her short school skirt, white shirt and tie, ‘Miss’ grabbed my wrist and marched me into the living room where her three pretty, young guests – all in their early twenties – were waiting, drinking wine.

Alex had promised that the girls were ‘very vanilla’ and they didn’t disappoint. Three attractive young women in short skirts, their faces were a picture as Miss dragged me before them. One was literally open-mouthed at the sight of this overgrown schoolboy being taken in hand by the lovely Alex.

Miss told me off while I faced the grinning girls, and announced that she was going to spank me. I was ordered to bend over her knee, right in front of where the girls were sitting. As Miss proceeded to smack my backside, the girls giggled shyly and whispered comments at the spectacle. Further spankings followed in a variety of positions, but always in full sight of the girls. Between smackings I was made to stand hands on head facing them for maximum humiliation, while Miss Alex continued to scold me, making me say how naughty I was. I also had to serve drinks while the young women chatted. Alex also had me sitting on a small child’s stool, about a foot high, writing lines on a blackboard, much to the amusement of the audience. There were gasps and more giggles as Alex displayed my pink, smacked bum to the girls. She also slapped my thighs causing one girl to observe gleefully, ‘His thighs are wobbling!’

Finally, Miss administered a slippering, first explaining to the gang that she would be using a plimsoll because it’s much harder than a carpet slipper. Their eyes widened in astonishment. She asked the girls if they knew what the slipper was and asked how many whacks I should receive. ‘Nine,’ said the girl whose jaw had dropped at the start of the session. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! The girls smirked as Alex whacked my buttocks with the rubber sole of her plimsoll.

I was made to apologise for my behaviour and thanked the audience before being dismissed.

A thoroughly enjoyable session.

Oct 2015

We communicated by email and I told her that I would really like a roleplay which consolidated both a GFE experience as well as some kinky things such as body worship; she asked me to define a scenario prior to my arrival. I outlined a kinky relationship between a step mom and her son ; I also asked for a hybrid session incorporating both domination and submission. When I arrived she received me graciously and with warmth; she went over our roleplay scenario and edited in what else she liked. These were meticulous details which she acted out; And then we began the roleplay for two hours; she was so exciting and sensually arousing. It was an Oscar performance and I was turned on for the full session; Furthermore she was authentic and in her dominating segment demanded within role that I help her reach the first orgasm; we then switched and she asked me for an OTK spanking;  This excited her and we continued our elaborate screenplay; My only negative was the time went very quickly and I wish I could have extended the session to an entire overnight. I rate her extremely highly for all round sexuality, sensuality, personality and communication; I will definitely see her again. Strong recommend for this adorable woman.

Sept 2015


No disappointments here. Alex is tall, slim, very attractive, and her legs should have been registered as an area of outstanding natural beauty even before they were adorned with the most incredible artwork. She is intelligent, articulate and very easy to talk to. She has that rare ability to put you at your ease very quickly and I found within a few minutes of meeting her that I felt able to open up about my kinks, likes, dislikes and fantasies.

A really great session. I primarily wanted Mistress Alex rather than Submissive Alex but had asked her to “top from the bottom” for part of the session, having me spank her while still being under control. This may be a bit paradoxical for some but it worked really well. The whole session was beautifully paced and really flowed well as she took me through a series of painful and pleasurable sensations, playing with the boundaries between the two. We finished with something of thrashing with a belt exactly as I had asked for. Unlike some who switch, Alex comes across as a committed and totally believable dominant, and the sight (and sensation) of her standing over me with her magnificent legs, swinging a strap as hard as she could, will stay with me for a long time. I have already booked her again and can’t wait.

Aug 2015


Kinky Alex is very attractive with a great figure and very lovely bum! She has a lot of very sexy tattoos and dresses well.

Alex knows what she is doing. She is truly professional and puts you at your ease and talks wisely and frankly.

I had not been dominant for a long time, but she plays a submissive like a professional actress. She is sensual and erotic anda real joy to be with. The details are between us…but I left with a spring in my step and joy in my heart. If you are into kink, Alex is your girl!


June 2015


Jaw-droppingly beautiful. Lithe, svelte, slinky body. Dark blonde hair with a hint of auburn. Beautiful girl.

Alex was in a stunning latex dress that emphasized every inch of her incredible figure. She was very friendly and relaxed and we had a great introductory chat before selecting the implements that we wanted to use throughout our switch session. We started with Alex across my knee for a good hard hand spanking on her beautiful latex-clad behind before switching over to me being on the receiving end. I asked her to skip any warm up and just hit me very, very hard. That’s just what she did, with great accuracy and power.

What followed was 90 minutes of one of the most intense erotic experiences I have ever had.

Alex is very special. You should all avoid her so I can have her all to myself!


June 2015


Easily accessible, central location, discreet, and in a safe area. Directions were easy to follow and Alex was very helpful on the phone. Inside you will find a spacious and clean bedroom with plenty of equipment. Bathroom facilities were excellent with fresh towels and various toiletries.

Alex looked amazing from the moment she opened the door. Pictures are accurate but of course she looks even more lovely in person. She has a gorgeous body and an amazing personality. Extremely friendly and welcoming. I felt very comfortable and safe at all time. She has beautiful legs with some very nice tattoos.

Definitely one of the most amazing and interesting people I’ve met. If you are considering going to anyone else, you will regret it!

First contact was through email, and Alex responded quickly and professionally. I sent her a rough idea of what I was looking for and a range of possible dates. We quickly confirmed everything and the appointment was set. Once I confirmed the appointment, Alex sent a guide for what to expect and how to prepare for the session which is very helpful, especially for first timers or anyone that’s nervous.

On the day, I called and confirmed after which I was sent the directions to her place. Very easy and smooth process. Once I arrived at the location, I was buzzed in and greeted at the door by Alex. Everything was very discrete. Alex was dressed in what I had requested and looked gorgeous. I was then taken to the bedroom where we had a quick chat about the session(not taken from the session time). I wanted to split the session between pleasure and pain and try out many of the equipment she had. Before the session you will be asked to shower which is great to freshen up and get in the mindset for RP. As soon as you go back to the bedroom, Alex will be in character but you will always be able to stop if you feel uneasy at any point. Alex was amazing in the session, she was able to react to my actions throughout the session and really deliver an unforgettable experience. I would definitely recommend going for at least 2 hours. I was worried it was too long but the time will fly by. Alex is able to keep the session extremely fun and interesting any everything just flows incredibly smooth. After the session, I had a very nice chat with Alex about everything that happened and BDSM in general. For anyone that’s nervous, rest assured Alex will put you at ease at all times. Afterwards, I did not feel rushed at all and the bathroom facilities were offered to me again. I definitely plan on meeting Alex again.

May 2015


I’m new to spanking and role play but Alex made me feel very comfortable. She asked me what I would like and then played the role perfectly. It seemed very natural and it didn’t feel artificial.

I wasn’t rushed and I had a thoroughly fantastic time. She is a very attractive girl and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, particularly if you have an interest in CP but haven’t yet indulged.

She dressed up in a college girl outfit and looked stunning. She has a very spankable bottom and I was turned on immediately once the session started.

She is well-spoken and clearly intelligent. I imagine she would be able to turn her hand to a variety of scenarios and I’m sure she gets a lot of repeat business.

She is very attractive with a great physique and seems to genuinely enjoy what she does.

I will definitely repeat the experience. Thanks very much Alex.

May 2015


A spacious and clean central London apartment with a large bedroom and immaculate bathroom facilities.

Alex is as breathtakingly beautiful as she is in her pictures with an incredible figure and the most captivating of smiles. She’s an intelligent and well-spoken girl who I’m sure would put even the most nervous of novices at ease.

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed sessioning with Alex. She is an absolute beauty with a genuine passion for kink and a devilishness about her that had me mesmerised from start to finish.

Everything that was to be included was discussed and agreed by e-mail in the days leading up to the session, and upon arriving on the day Alex sat me down for a brief, friendly chat to talk over in person exactly what I hoping to gain from my time with her and how she could best incorporate my many fetishes. And it was clear to see that she took on board each and every thing that I mentioned to treat me to the most delightfully cruel time.

Alex’s switching between playful and cruel personas was expertly executed and one of the many little things that she got oh-so right. What’s more I would be remiss if I didn’t complement her on her rope work! Without going into too much detail I’ll just say that being tied up and forced to obey her wicked whims was certainly a very fun way to spend my afternoon!

Thank you Alex for making my afternoon one to remember.

April 2015


An easy to find venue in the middle of the West End. Alex’s flat is spacious and immaculate. As soon as you walk in you feel confident that this will be a classy experience. Everything from the big double bed and perfectly laid out expensive toiletries is just right.

Alex’s pictures are accurate but they won’t prepare you for how stunning she is in real life. She is lithe and tall (especially in the heels I asked her to wear) and she has a shock of thick dark-blonde hair that I couldn’t resist playing with when I had her restrained (more of that later..). Oh and her startling blue eyes could knock you on your arse with a glance, and her red lipstick provokes a thousand wicked thoughts. She was dressed as I had requested in a business outfit over stockings and suspenders and towering heels and she looked just perfect!

This was my second visit to Alex and she greeted me like an old friend. She is engaging, intelligent and fun. She will sit you down before a session (it doesn’t come out of your time) and discuss what you want from your time. She was brilliant at filling in the gaps in my sketchy scenario and expanding the story and the fun. Afterward we had a long chat about kinks and ropework and how to fix the squeak in her bed, and I could happily have stayed all day.

She provided all the services on her profile that I asked for. Be honest and unashamed with Alex when you initially contact her and during the pre chat, respect her few very sensible limits, and you will have the time of your life! I wanted to spank her over my knee and then tie her up and basically have my wicked way and she was up for it! She was also very patient with my clumsy beginners rope work, breaking out of character occasionally to make sure I tied her properly!

I wanted a feisty lady who fights back a bit rather than a meek eyes down “yes sir, no sir” sub, and she enjoyed playing that part, protesting noisily and threatening all sorts of revenge as I put her over my knee. I spanked her over her skirt first before ordering her to remove it, her eyes looking daggers at me as she did. Then I spanked her over my knee again. If you do one thing in your life, put the beautiful Alex over your knee and spank her perfect derrière! After that I tied her and, well, the rest is between us..

Toward the end of the session I released her, she turned the tables on me and I “suffered” her delectable revenge which had me beneath her and fighting for air!

I am already planning to meet her again. I’m not sure who will have the upper hand this time but I can’t wait to find out..

April 2015


Alex is a really special woman. We’ve known each other a while now, but I recall my first impression quite clearly. In conversation, she’s agile and insightful, and really makes you feel listened to. I’ve been touched at how she remembers things we’ve chatted about in previous encounters when we reunite. We’ve had some great debates about cinema and music, and she’s very funny as well. Absolutely nothing gets past her, and I imagine she’s intimidated a few suitors over the years with her brains, as well as breaking some hearts.

She’s also stunning, but a review from me barely needs to reiterate that, as her pictures are very illustrative. Soft pale skin, blue eyes, slender all over with a beautiful bottom that I absolutely adore. Bundles of lovely thick long hair – I’m a sucker for nice hair.

As I said, we’ve met up quite a few times, and each time has been different, but our most recent encounter was for some dinner in nearby Soho before heading back to her apartment afterwards. She poured us a drink and put on some music and as always, the long build up made it really special. I’m a person who needs to be turned on cerebrally as well as physically. That said, she can be truly naughty and very forthcoming when the moment arrives.

Mar 2015


I visited Alex in her regular incall flat near Piccadilly Circus. A very easy central location, actually within walking distance of my office! The flat itself is beautiful. Great high ceilings, stylish furnishings, soft lighting, etc. She’s clearly spent a lot of time and money getting it right, and it shows. Definitely the nicest incall flat I’ve visited, and much better than most hotels frankly!

She goes by Alexandra on her website, but she asked me to call her Alex. In any case, the pictures on her website don’t really do her justice. Lovely long hair, piercing blue eyes, and a body you would kill for. A beautiful creature. Very smart too (smarter than me, if I’m being entirely honest!), can definitely hold up her end of the conversation. Altogether a fantastic girl, I fully intend to spend as much time as I can in her company from here on out.

I had a two hour booking with Alex, though I wish it was longer. I’m not the sort of guy who needs anything fancy, so I won’t bore anyone with the very explicit details. I will say that she’s a very enthusiastic girl who loves her job, which is definitely a welcome sight to see in this day and age. I was more than satisfied, both by the “personal” services and by the conversation afterwards. As I said, I could have spent hours more in her company. If you’re the type who wants a review in hard numbers, she’s definitely a 10 out of 10 (possibly an 11, if you’re willing to bend the rules a bit)!

Feb 2015


I exchanged emails with Alex before our session and outlined the sort of thing i was after – a roleplay with her as a French maid caught stealing. The emails were very professional and clear. On the day, i felt like she’d really paid attention to what I’d described, and played the part of a lazy maid to perfection (and she looked very sexy in the uniform). She really bought the scenario to life, and made it feel very natural. I gave her a stern telling off and a thorough spanking on her peachy bottom, which was followed by some mindblowing oral and sex. We chatted after, which was nice, as Alex is clearly a very smart woman and great company. I would definitely recommend her, she will only exceed your expectations! Hopefully see you soon Alex.

Feb 2015


My first visit to Alex was on the recommendation of a Pro Dom I’d been sessioning with for a while.

  1. Who should I visit next Mistress ?
  2. ‘You have to visit Kinky Alex she’s super smart and super sexy, you’ll love her ‘

And she was right I do !

I’ve had four sessions with Alex over the last few months and every session has literally blown me away. She’s shown compassion, support and insight during our sessions and in the correspondence between sessions.

I trust her and our play together has developed enabling me to push my thresholds and intensify the experience of ‘playing’ with her.

She is the epitome of professionalism and her web site, blog and twitter account provide access to intelligent debate and detailed advice about exploring BDSM and how to behave as a client. If your going to visit her, make an effort and read the guidance she provides.

If you try to be the best client you can – she will deliver one of the best experiences you will ever have with a professional. We’re all looking for different things when we decide to visit a sex worker. Show this woman respect and she’ll show you KINK you didn’t even know you were looking for !!

After all she is the one and only, beautiful Kinky Alex !


Feb 2015


Fabulous central London apartment. Great decor, shower, the works. A bit of a cliche, but Alex’s pictures really do not do her justice. Tall, great figure, absolutely magnetic eyes. Well spoken and very, very easy to get a long with. I was lucky enough to enjoy a threesome with Alex and the equally wonderful Rosalie, aka Curious Lands. It was the first time I had met Alex and from the very start she was friendly, engaging and ever so willing to please. She encouraged me to spank her which was something I never thought I’d do or enjoy but such was her enthusiasm she got me involved in no time. It was a truly brilliant time spent in her company. I’ve been busy and out of the country hence this delayed review but now I’m back, I won’t waste anymore time and aim to see Alex as soon as possible.

Jan 2015


A very beautiful and spacious apartment in a discreet building close to Leicester Square tube. There is a large lounge and bedroom, with a magnificent cast iron bed that I admired, as well as a desk and an enormous cabinet full of implements. The bathroom is immaculate and was offered to me twice, as well as a range full of toiletries if I wanted them.Alex is, from the moment you contact her, incredibly professional and efficient, her emails with me before the session put me at ease (as I was nervous about seeing a pro-submissive for the first time) She even sent me some reading material and a guide as to the basics of how to behave in booking, which I found helpful.She is obviously a very intelligent young woman and this comes across in her site, as well as how pretty she is – really stunning. She looks exactly as she does in her photos, which I was pleased about, because they are very professional looking and you never know about airbrushing.

She is very approachable and knowledgeable about kink, BDSM, fetishes, etc. She admitted it is her ‘geek’ subject! She said she used to be more submissive and is now exploring her switch side, and you can certainly see elements of both sub and domme in her personality.

After arriving, Alex and I had a chat for a little while about what I wanted to do with her (which didnt come out of my time) and after I came back from the bathroom we began a roleplay where the story was that I was a naughty schoolboy and she was the headmistress. She spanked me and caned me, and then halfway through we did a switch, where I got to spank her back. (her bottom is amazing to spank) I can’t remember how she did it, but Alex made sure the storyline of the roleplay flowed very smoothly, and the whole thing was easy, rather than making me self conscious.

I found the whole thing so exciting I didn’t manage to last for the whole session, but Alex made me a cup of tea and we had a chat for a while after that about kinky fantasies and where they come from.

I’ve already booked to see her again later this year, she’s worth trekking halfway across the UK for. I’ve been waiting to do something like this for more years than I can remember, and now I can’t work out why I never did before! I’m going to pass the time before our next session by remembering how her bum looks and looking at photos on her twitter page.

Thankyou Alex!


Jan 2015


An elegantly appointed apartment in central London, with a very spacious bedroom, dominated (ha!) by a large, metal-framed bed. Directions were very clear. The area feels safe and discreet, and easily accessible by public transport.

The room and bathroom were both luxurious, with clean towels in the bathroom, and fresh linen on the bed, together with a tall cheval mirror, easily repositioned for best visual impact, and a large cupboard full of a delightful range of well chosen implements.Alex in real life more than lives up to the expectations set by her very professional and comprehensive website. She looks exactly as she does in her gallery of photos, standing about 5′ 7″ in her stockinged feet, long hair, 34B breasts, in her twenties, fair, smooth skin, and with an exceptionally gorgeous bottom.My session really started with my first contact via Alex’s website. As a complete novice to spanking and BDSM, I was apprehensive about documenting what I was looking for, mainly because I didn’t precisely know. Alex was very understanding and seems very knowledgable and I felt as though I was in expert hands. As a newbie, I wanted to understand both giving and receiving discipline from a range of implements, as I think it’s important to understand what it’s like to be on the other end of a cane, or crop, or flogger in order to know how to use it skilfully.

I described my ideas for our session (schoolgirl and teacher), and she had clearly read it carefully when I arrived. We discussed the scene and any limits – all documented on her website, so no surprises. The main idea was for her to persuade me to punish her, then switch to give me the same. After I’d showered, we started with me spanking her truly luscious backside, moving on to cane, tawse, plimsoll, belt, crop and cloggers (two varieties), first giving, then receiving, and ending with face sitting and full sex. Alex’s role playing was excellent, and she managed the transition from submissive to domina extremely well.She is clearly bright and intuitive, can certainly hold an intelligent conversation, and seems genuinely interested in kink and related subjects.I will definitely be going back, and would recommend Alex unreservedly.

Jan 2015


I had seen Alex once before at the start of the year- that time she was submissive and I enjoyed myself but to be honest I found taking control wasn’t really my thing. I wanted to see her again though so I thought we could try a switch scenario. Alex is fine with this – so don’t assume that she’ll just do submission!

Having seen her twice I would thoroughly recommend Alex as either Mistress or Slave. She’s friendly and intelligent and you can’t really go wrong.


Sept 2012