Alex & Louisa’s Fun in the Sun


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have hardly been able to escape the fact of my holidaying with a certain Miss Louisa Knight on a particularly sunshiney spot of the continent last week.



We were joined by an extremely energetic & charming gentleman, Mr Z, whose wry and imaginative takes on the usual BDSM fantasy fare kept us entertained all week. Think dystopian futures, female supremacy, sexy revenge scenes, crime & punishment, servitude and slavery, erotic abduction/hostage roleplays, bondage and even a little pet play (Louisa looks adorable in a collar!)


As many of you know, I’m very much a fan of traditional/formal discipline based kinks, and I can’t get enough of the office and school based scenes that are usually the firm favourites with my submissive and dominant clients alike. I love to seek out and play around with the perverted within the familiar, and I usually find I need no specific setting to do this in – simply my well equipped Central London luxury apartment, and an idea to spark off. I tend to construct fantasies with outfits, vocalisation, touch, techniques and toys. Until last week, i’d never given very much thought to the power & effect of surroundings on a BDSM scene.

However, upon embarking my week of kinky exploration with Louisa & Mr Z, the perks of having a really spectacular location to play in became suddenly apparent. As well as the excellent fantasy scripts laid out by our host, the house was really something else – imposing architecture, ornate Baroque furnishings, numerous bedrooms with luxe colour schemes. The grandeur & drama of it all really infused my approach to playing – I felt totally uninhibited, which felt really sexy.

The rest of the details are private to we three, but I’m sure you can imagine the debauchery, if you study these photos hard enough.

Having returned to grottier climes, I can safely say that a little bit of sun and chandelier-swinging does one the world of good, though I can’t pretend it’s not a little disappointing my London flat has no heated swimming pool or rooftop jacuzzi.

Fingers firmly crossed that our passports aren’t gathering dust for too long. In the meantime, I’m keen for inventive fantasies & date ideas to arrive into my inbox, to cheer me up as I adjust to real life again.

Alex xx


The Belt: From Top to Bottom

Imagine you’re on a panel tasked with deciding on the sexiest way to get beaten – hand? Tawse? Cane? I know – a dream surely all of us have had at some point. In front of you, a naked subject bends over, and is given a few hard strokes with a selection of different implements: from the bare hand to the stinging cane. And it’s your job to pick which is the best.

What runs through your mind? The sound? Maybe the mark it leaves on naked skin? Perhaps the strength with which you can wield it to get exactly the right level of hot, aching pain.

That last factor is fairly high on my own list, and that’s why the belt is my absolute favourite. That’s not to disparage other implements, of course – hands, tawses, canes and floggers all have their place in my heart. But there’s something particularly special about the belt.

Firstly the sound and sensation of the belt sliding out through the loops: it’s so much more impulsive than other implements, don’t you agree? If you’ve disobeyed me and you deserve a beating, it’s far more convenient for me to correct you in the moment: to order you to drop your pants and bend over whichever item of furniture is closest to hand, whip my belt out through the loops and take out my anger on your poor naked bottom. If you enjoy the kind of harsh, thick whacks that come from a leather belt, then the fact that it can be used with real force and power is definitely a plus point. A beating can be delivered much more powerfully with a belt, as the top draws their arm right back over their shoulder and really goes for it.

As with any implement, it takes time to perfect this skill – the fact that it’s a fun skill to practise is, naturally, an added bonus. Some men come to me with an idea of what they’d like to try, but a certain nervousness about the right way to do it. Totally understandable, and I think it’s the sign of a good lover: after all, it gives me the chance to show you how best to make me shiver with delight when it’s my bottom that you’re going to be lashing. If this is you, and you’d like some instruction in how to get used to it – to find out just how powerful you can feel when you draw your arm back and aim for that delicious, naked, willing bottom then well… what can I say? I’m more than happy to help you in your discovery. It can take some getting used to, as you learn how to deliver the stroke in just the right place, on the fleshiest part of the bottom, leaving bright red stripes with each lash. I’ll share my technique with you so you get to feel the same kind of power that I do – the same rush that comes with total mastery of something so hot.

But if you’d rather just bend over, grit your teeth, and wait for the strokes to fall on your own bum? That can be arranged as well. I assure you that when we’re done, if you don’t agree with me that the belt is the best spanking implement, you’ll at least have it placed pretty firmly in your top three…

And speaking of getting a good belting…See below for a preview of my new video with Mistress Elita – coming to my site soon!


Submit or Struggle? The Submissive Dilemma

“Of course I’ll obey you, Mistress” he says to me, with his eyes cast down towards the floor and his hands clasped neatly behind his back. Wearing a collar to show his submission and with his knees spread open wide. “I’ll do anything you say.” And he is so compliant – so obedient, that I know he’s telling the truth. He will obey every single order without question.

That ‘of course’, though? That’s the one mistake he’s made – and I wouldn’t tell him because I wouldn’t want to spoil our fun. I’ll tell you now, though, because it’s an exciting prospect to consider: should all subs obey, or do you enjoy a bit of a struggle?

See, while some people are submissive in this obedient way, others prefer defiance: the dramatic back-and-forward that comes with a submissive that needs to be trained and tamed. Some submissives don’t want to fall at my feet, immediately under a spell – over the course of a long session, they want me to gradually wear them down.

It’s interesting to explore this dynamic because most people have a natural inclination towards one or other of these extremes. As with almost everything sexual, we all fall somewhere on a spectrum: it’s not as simple as being an obedient sub or a bratty sub. Some people like to obey but with a tiny hint of cheekiness. A wry smile as they murmur “yes Mistress,” their mouth forming the words but their eyes flashing defiance. Perhaps that’s what will earn them their punishment. For those people, it’s often the case that the punishment is what they’re really angling for: they want a beating, but the beating won’t be fun unless they’ve done things to really deserve it.

Others might enjoy a beating for pleasure, but would be genuinely heartbroken to receive one as punishment. To the gent I introduced you to at the beginning, a punishment spanking would represent his personal failure as a submissive. If he’s completed the tasks I’ve set for him – perhaps some bottom worship, snuffling contentedly away at me while I relax on the bed – then a reward of a warm red bum might be exactly what he’s looking for. But a warm red bum because I’m displeased with him? Oh, his worst nightmare.

“I’m so sorry Mistress,” he might offer, with genuine misery in his eyes, and humiliation curling his toes and giving him a deep red, shameful blush. “I’ll do better next time.”

See it’s easy to put yourself in one box or another – Dom, Sub, Switch – and assume everyone sees it through the same lens that you do. But if that were the case then we’d never have any fun – we’d all be desperately predictable. The fact that each type of submission is unique means that from the moment you get in touch to the very first time you kneel in front of me, our experience together will be utterly individual. Likewise if you prefer to be the top – I like to know whether to meet your first ever order with unquestioning obedience, or the flash of disrespect that will give you an excuse to punish me.

It’s one of the things I find most enjoyable: finding out what your particular kinks and quirks are. So if you’re thinking of playing with me, tell me more than just your tendency towards ‘Dom’ or ‘Sub’ – give me the detail that helps me anticipate what our session will be like. Have a think about the one question below. Don’t be nervous – it’s not a trick question. There is no one type of submissive that will please me more than another, no one type of dominance that is the ‘correct’ way to do things. In fact, the very existence of this spectrum of dominance and submission is what makes the whole thing so enjoyable. So to keep things fun, I’m setting you some fun homework – close your eyes, imagine your perfect D/s scene, and then answer the following question:

Should orders always be obeyed, or do you think obedience should be earned through resistance?

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New Reviews & What They Can Tell You

Now, i’m not one to brag, but I have had a small flurry of wonderful reviews lately, the highlights from which are below. Why don’t you take a look if you’re still undecided about booking? As well as being very sweet testaments to my sparkling wit and stunning decor (ok, I am bragging a little!) I think reviews left by other clients are a great way for new people to feel more at ease, and manage their expectations around how they imagine a session is going to go.

From the moment you make contact:

I exchanged emails with Alex before our session and outlined the sort of thing i was after – a roleplay with her as a French maid caught stealing. The emails were very professional and clear.

Alex is, from the moment you contact her, incredibly professional and efficient, her emails with me before the session put me at ease (as I was nervous about seeing a pro-submissive for the first time) She even sent me some reading material and a guide as to the basics of how to behave in booking, which I found helpful.

My session really started with my first contact via Alex’s website. As a complete novice to spanking and BDSM, I was apprehensive about documenting what I was looking for, mainly because I didn’t precisely know. Alex was very understanding and seems very knowledgable and I felt as though I was in expert hands. As a newbie, I wanted to understand both giving and receiving discipline from a range of implements, as I think it’s important to understand what it’s like to be on the other end of a cane, or crop, or flogger in order to know how to use it skilfully.


…Throughout our time together….


After arriving, Alex and I had a chat for a little while about what I wanted to do with her (which didnt come out of my time) and after I came back from the bathroom we began a roleplay where the story was that I was a naughty schoolboy and she was the headmistress. She spanked me and caned me, and then halfway through we did a switch, where I got to spank her back. (her bottom is amazing to spank) I can’t remember how she did it, but Alex made sure the storyline of the roleplay flowed very smoothly, and the whole thing was easy, rather than making me self conscious.

I described my ideas for our session (schoolgirl and teacher), and she had clearly read it carefully when I arrived. We discussed the scene and any limits – all documented on her website, so no surprises. The main idea was for her to persuade me to punish her, then switch to give me the same. After I’d showered, we started with me spanking her truly luscious backside, moving on to cane, tawse, plimsoll, belt, crop and cloggers (two varieties), first giving, then receiving, and ending with face sitting and full sex. Alex’s role playing was excellent, and she managed the transition from submissive to domina extremely well.

I’ve had four sessions with Alex over the last few months and every session has literally blown me away. She’s shown compassion, support and insight during our sessions and in the correspondence between sessions.

…and lasting impressions:

She is the epitome of professionalism and her web site, blog and twitter account provide access to intelligent debate and detailed advice about exploring BDSM and how to behave as a client. If your going to visit her, make an effort and read the guidance she provides.

If you try to be the best client you can – she will deliver one of the best experiences you will ever have with a professional. We’re all looking for different things when we decide to visit a sex worker. Show this woman respect and she’ll show you KINK you didn’t even know you were looking for !!

She is clearly bright and intuitive, can certainly hold an intelligent conversation, and seems genuinely interested in kink and related subjects.

I will definitely be going back, and would recommend Alex unreservedly.

I’ve already booked to see her again later this year, she’s worth trekking halfway across the UK for. I’ve been waiting to do something like this for more years than I can remember, and now I can’t work out why I never did before! I’m going to pass the time before our next session by remembering how her bum looks and looking at photos on her twitter page.

Thank you Alex for probably the best experience of this type in my life. I wish I could see you every day.


Huge thanks to all my wonderful clients who wrote such kind feedback.

Alex Explains: Spanking For Beginners

Many’s the time I have dispensed the following advice to gentlemen taking their first tentative steps towards fulfilling their dominant potential. Whilst I love to provide guidance on my favourite activity, I feel that some of the key points would be best collected here online, for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re too shy to have arranged to meet me yet, convinced you haven’t a clue what to do if you found a bottom exposed over your lap? Or maybe you’d like to recap on what I mentioned to you in our session, having been very distracted by the aforementioned derriere? My main reason for putting my thoughts on the matter into words though, is that I don’t think there’s any such thing as too much education, and if my tips on spanking can help a novice spank his wife to orgasm, or figure out best on how he’d like to receive a spanking, or just have a nice read on the train (careful who’s looking over your shoulder now!) then I’ll be very satisfied.

Firstly communication is key. Before any fun commences, chat with your play partner about their particular tastes, tendencies and inclinations when it comes to spanking. Do they like the ritualistic nature of punishment? The element of humiliation, shame and embarrassment? Are they keen to explore the power exchange, to savour the moment indignant struggle becomes willing compliance? Or perhaps they’re strictly interested in how a set of pale white cheeks will respond to firm discipline, first by going pink and warm, before turning a deep red or maybe acquiring some deep red stripes or welts? Ask them. Agree on a communication method such as a traffic-light system or safe-word, so the spankee can indicate their sensation mid-play.  This is especially important when you are playing with a professional submissive, switch or domme, because you have a limited time only, and consent can not be assumed from intimacy or familiarity.

I always like to start spankings over clothing – both the spanker and the spankee then get the chance to size up the others technique or responses, which means no nasty surprises! I also enjoy the ritualistic nature of removing one piece of clothing at a time, and making that last as long as possible is part of the fun! I like to go over a person’s lap for a spanking and be made to stand and strip off before bending back across them again.

After clothes come off, the spanking can continue over underwear. I personally enjoy a nice, slow build up, with rhythmic, even spanks landing on each cheek alternately. The best spot for me when I’m receiving a spanking is the fullest part, just above the crease at the top of my leg. I don’t enjoy having my legs spanked, but for some people this is good fun – again, ask for feedback from your spankee as you go along. You should also take care at this stage to also be warming your hand up! Cupping the hand rather than wielding it like a stiff wooden plank will make a nicer sound, feel nicer for the spankee but most importantly allow you to spank for longer without getting sore !

When you’ve warmed up the bottom with some gentle spanking and stroking, which can take varying amounts of time from a minute to ten minutes (or however long you like to linger on this part!) then you can progress to slightly harder smacks. I usually do about 8-16 across one cheek then the other, followed by a few seconds of stroking and squeezing, maybe dragging my fingernails very lightly across the skin. Mixing up the sensations feels great!

As the intensity and firmness of your spanking heats up, so will the spankee’s bottom! When it’s gone nice and pink, gently pull down the underwear (I like this to happen slowly so the elastic in the pants pulls across the warm skin) and continue to spank and stroke, gently increasing in pressure over a period of time.  I find a good rhythm to be essential to my enjoyment of a spanking,

This is often a good time to switch positions if you have a yearning to see your spankee’s bottom in some different positions! You could pop them bending over clasping ankles, or perhaps lying on their back with their legs up over their head? A classic one for ‘visual’ types is in front of a mirror, to better see either the face or bottom.

I personally can take the hardest spankings when I’ve been warmed up and taken slowly up my limits over a period of at least 20 minutes. Sometimes a Dom might wish to accelerate the pace in a shorter time, and that can be fun too, but it means I have to have my pre-negotiated signal at the ready. I will often call out as number as the initial spanks land on me – “three! Six!” – to indicate on a scale of 1-10 how I’m finding the intensity. Seven or eight are my perfect numbers, nine is my upper limit, and “Ten!” is the spanking equivalent of an emergency stop.  This must, of course, be obeyed, just as with the deployment of a safe-word or physical disengagement from the activity. Consent and mutual enjoyment are paramount!

"Ooh! Seven! Perfect!"

“Ooh! Seven! Perfect!”

After the desired level or redness (or contrition!) has been reached, and you consider the spanking to have been effective, it can be nice to apply some soothing cream to the spanked bottom, and rubbing it in slowly is a nice way for things to continue to the next level.

Do leave a comment if you’d like to add your own tips and preferences for spanking. I do hope I’ll be seeing some of you soon for your chance to put all this theory into practise!